Imagine being able to simply shut your eyes and then, while you sleep, having the power of pure Manifestation change your circumstances, your romantic life and your financial situation...All While You Sleep!


My name is Justis Chase and for the past year I have been working on a powerful new technology called the “Manifestation Project”. It is now ready for YOU to get FREE!

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This Incredible three month program is now yours free for joining our mailing list today and becoming part of our growing group of people who are intent on changine their world..

It uses a new technology for resculpting energy that changes the set point for our ongoing manifestation.

By using a simple, yet totally powerful system, that requires NOTHING other than listening you can begin to manifest what you desire

The Manifestation Project is probably the single most effective and powerful method of creating a new life for yourself ever devised. It allows you to simply lie down, close your eyes and have your energy recalibrated to an energy pattern that will help you create what you want rather than what you don’t want.

So how long does it take?
It’s a Thirteen week program, where you use a new Manifestation Project module each week. You simply burn the module to a cd or listen to it from your mp3 player once a day for a full week. Each week you use another module to go to sleep with. At the end of the three months you will have totally reprogrammed your energy output resulting in a completely new and different manifestation pattern.

The 13 Sessions.

Over 12 hours of intense process work included.

Bonus Session One….sleeping and contact with your deep superconscious.

Session Two.
Understanding the manifestation process. Learning that you are already manifesting on a daily basis and that what you need to change is the energy behind what you manifest.
Process: Learning acceptance of good things in your life.

Session Three.
Explanation of imprints and the psychic restaurant.
Process: First level imprint. Where you learned you couldn’t have what you wanted and what you need to do to change it forever.

Session Four.
Deciding what we want to manifest. How to tell what we really want and descriptions of how to create our "desire list".
Process: Creating the items ready to be manifested and then loading them into your mental manifestation arena.

Session Five.
Toxic people. Explanation of how people's negative energy affects us and why we need a shield for protecting ourselves.
Process: Building a shield for ourselves.

Session Six.
Learning to stabilize our visualizations. Why its important to be able to keep a single focus and building an internal manifestation viewer.
Process: Building an internal viewer with emotion switch for manifestation.

Session Seven.
Plugging in the things you want. This session is used to plug in the things you really want from session three into your internal viewer, picking the top ten and then installing them.
Process: Viewing the top ten wants on the internal viewer.

Session Eight.
Relationship problems and self-sabotage. Getting to patterns we learn as children and how these destructive imprints are created and how to get rid of them forever.
Process: Installing the best relationships into your manifestation viewer.

Session Nine.
Money the biggie of our culture. Going over how we learned negative ideas with money.
Process: Loading money into your manifestation viewer.

Session Ten.
Back to the psychic restaurant and the clearing of the plates. Handling the ten most difficult emotional situations you can imagine.
Process: Clearing negative energy that surrounds emotionally loaded situations and people.

Session Eleven.
The real you. How the energy of what you are dictates what you manifest. Deciding what you really want to be. Conscious thought first then the process.
Process: Manifesting a new you and then living him/her for a month.

Session Twelve.
Putting the pieces together. Going over the psychic restaurant again and asking if what you want is still what you want.
Process: Learning to notice how much you have changed and how to appreciate your new ability to manifest your world.

Session Thirteen.
Health. How we manifest the kind of health we have based on our energy. That to be healthy we need to have a healthy persons energy and a healthy energy body.
Process: Re manifesting yourself to be totally healthy and happy for the rest of your life.

This program originally sold at over $800.00 is now yours FREE OF CHARGE for simply signing up to learn more about Manifestation and how to make it work for YOU!

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This three month training program will change how you manifest into the world around you.

Imagine being able to learn, while you sleep, how to use the power of your deep superconscious, the part of you that is responsible for creating and re-creating the hologram we call reality.

With this program you will tap into the power that actually controls our deep consciousness or what I call our superconscious...the part of us that is responsible for creating our "reality"


If you can lie down and shut your eyes then you can use this system to kick-start the manifestation process.
if you register today you can get started changing your world tonight!

Why wait. You can get what you want WHILE you sleep !

Nothing could be easier.

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