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You Can Make A Difference!

Justis and Penny at home in Victoria

Our world needs people like you to make a difference. There are so many people who are in dire straights. Some of them are working in jobs they hate, others are suffering in situations and problems that seem to overwhelm them completely. So many people in our society today are anxiety ridden, overweight and in desperate need of answers that seem totally illusive to them.

A few years ago I started my web site so that I could give away information that might help people and allow them to gain the confidence they needed in both themselves and the universe.

I wanted people to have the ability to empower themselves and to move forward towards their own personal dreams and goals.

Part of that mission has come true. I have been able to reach thousands of people with my free books, seminars and programs.

Now though I want to take it a step further. I want people to be able to do what I do and work with others around the world making a difference.

I have taken video from a powerful course that I taught and put it together with books that I have written and put it all into a course that will allow you to easily learn what allowed me to do what I have done.

This material is not available anywhere else and is powerful beyond my ability to describe it. With it you can change your life and the lives of others that you know and love.

The information is more than self help, though I have called it a self help program. It contains the information on how its possible to start businesses, information on what makes people come to seminars and how to make money in any self help business to name only a small portion of what is there. There are goal setting programs and exercises on how to handle criticism and fear. There is so much in the program that I am really unable to describe it all. There is enough there to enable you to change virtually anything in your world or the world of those you are trying to help

I want you, regardless of your profession to learn to use this material, to be able to take it to the world and work with the people who need it. It may be that you only use it on weekends with friends or you use over coffee at the office. It might be that you enjoy it so much that you open your own practice or business offering the techniques to those that need them.

What truly matters is that you bring this to the world.

Now some of you may be wondering why I would charge for this material. The reason is simple. In our present paradigm we value what we get free at what it cost us. It is unlikely that if you got this material free you would do anything with it. I know that to be fact. So I have decided to put the price at a point where you will consider if you really want to use it or not. I don't want people just downloading it and taking a quick look and then forgetting it. If you are not serious then just pass this bye. I want you to be serious.

So take a look below. I have done it up with a bit of hype to get your blood flowing... have fun and if you really do want to make a difference then order the program. It will be life changing for you if you really want to do something different and make that difference in others and yourself.

Justis Chase.


The Ultimate Self-Help
Training System

This One Program
Containing Six Manuals And Two Full Days Of Video
(Ten Full Length Video's)
With this program you will be able to
do what is most important to you.

Imagine how you would feel being able to get up in the morning and know that you were going to be doing something
that really mattered!

There is so much in this program that is extraordinary.

For the first time ever you will learn techniques that are almost magical. Use the material to create instant changes in yourself, and with other people. You can use it to help people create their own dreams (like businesses) and much more.

I have included (which you will read about below) manuals and information on how you can use this material to really help you do practical things. Most programs out there specialize in one or two things. If you are going to be successful in spreading the word, making a fantastic living and doing what I do you NEED to be someone who knows how to join the dots.

Have you ever seen one of those puzzle's that has a bunch of dots and you need to join them all to have a picture. Well this program is a lot like that. To some it might be confusing in what you get, because it allows you to be a consultant, a speaker, a self help guru etc. But really these are just dots on the page. They are WAYS that you interact with people.

All the suggetions I offer below of what you can do are really all the same thing. They are ways of helping people to create what they want! To be able to offer them new and exciting methods of learning to be more of what they truly are!

So have fun and read all the different things you can do and remember, they are like dots on the page...these are all just very different ways of applying these skills.


I will teach you how the dots can be joined so you can:

Start your own successful
Seminar business.
Start your own self-help business helping others.
Do sales training.
Teach people how to stop smoking, lose weight, and feel great.
Be an expert at Neuro Linguistic Programming, able to cure phobias and change beliefs in minutes.
Operate a consulting business and be a successful business consultant helping business people succeed.
Train employees in customer service techniques.
Help yourself to have more confidence, self esteem and personal power.
Learn to sell almost ANYTHING using a special "upside down triangle" strategy that works
like a charm.
Overcome any personal blocks to a loving and successful relationship.
The secret of how to Influence others in all areas of life including business, personal and emotional.
Experience more joy, passion and love in your life than you
imagined possible!


You are someone who has always been interested in being able to help others, right?

Well right now there are thousands of people:

that want to do better in their jobs
- that want to have better relationships
- that want to stop smoking
- that want to get rid of fears or phobias
- that want more self confidence or self esteem

In short there are now millions of potential clients waiting for you to help them do what they have always dreamed they could

Imagine if you put a small add in your local newspaper that simply said:

"If you would like to have a better life, to stop smoking or lose weight, leave bad habits behind or even get the motivation to step out in your career or life then call me."

Lets face it. No matter where you live there would be hundreds of people who would want the information you have.

Do you know anyone who needs to quit smoking or wants to lose weight?

What about self confidence or self esteem or getting over fears or anxiety?

Imagine working in the helping field, the fun and pleasure of going to work on your terms, doing what you want to do and knowing you are making a huge difference, not only for the people you work with but for yourself. Do you think that sounds good?

In just one of the manuals there are over 290 pages of information that explains exactly how to work with people. With information that'seasy to use and easy to understand.

Imagine the feeling of having someone tell you that you have changed their life for the better. That you helped them overcome mind numbing grief, or helped them rid themselves of self sabotage.

The choices are unlimited. You can help people (or yourself) with every type of personal difficulty there is, from relationships to phobias or anxiety. You can present seminars that draw people magnetically. You can do customer service programs and self help programs where people will be astonished at what you can do for them almost instantly!

You'll learn about permission marketing and most importantly you'll be able to DEMONSTRATE what you do in a way that others TOTALLY get!

You will wow everyone you know with the things you can do!
Because you will give them
direct experience of how powerfully
your methods work!

When someone experiences what you do
they will be amazed

If you are looking for something that you would love to do, something that will really help others and have them recommending you to everyone then the Ultimate Self Help Training System is for you!

The Ultimate Self Help Training System is something that you can demonstrate to your friends, your husband or wife or onlookers!
When people see what you can do they will not only want you to work with them, you will find yourself respected and admired!

Imagine being able to cure a phobia or take someone's anxiety away in a few moments! Imagine using a magic opening line that never fails to get someone to say "Yes i want to find out more"!
Imagine what it would be like to have your friends, and family tell you that you have impressed them more than they ever could have imagined!

The training will teach you all of these things and more...

· The two levels of information - and how to use them.

· Why more information is NOT the answer to success.

· How information is processed and why it's important to create action.

· Why persuasion is the single most important step to success and how to do it effectively.

· Why customers don't buy and how knowing this information will change the way you do business.

· How to close 98 -100% of qualified customers using the "Upside Down Triangle" technique - a technique never before taught anywhere.

· Why being able to use what you know is more important than learning more.

· Real World Experiences and what they mean.

· Using Real World experiences to make anything appealing - and why it's a "must know" if you are to succeed.

· How people process language to make decisions - and what to do about it.

· What a submodality is and how to use it to create massive success in an instant.

· Creating instant information links so you remember what you need to know when you need to know it.

· How customers form instant opinions and why you have to know how to influence them.

· What the pictures in your minds eye really mean and how they influence you - a "must know" if you have ever wanted to be on top of your game all the time.

· How a simple touch can change a persons mind instantly - for or against you - how knowing when and where to touch can be the difference between success and failure.

· How to turn your worst fears into little more than a passing thought and why knowing how to shatter fear is the single most important part of success.

· Why some things are harder for you to do or learn and what you can do about it.

· How to take your product or service and make it irresistible to your prospect - every time!

· How to uncover what your prospect really wants without ever having to ask - and how to use it to make the sale.

· Why traditional training doesn't work very well and what to do about it.

· How to get yourself to take action when you need to.

· How to have control over your emotions so you don't get blind sided and why it's important if you
want success.

· Why looking someone in the eye is not always the best choice and why.

· How to know what your prospect is thinking about your product before they even know consciously.

· How to turn motivation on with the snap of your fingers and why you have to know this.

· Why thinking that you don't know enough just gets in your way and why attempting to get more information is often just a waste of time.

· How to know what decisions are going to lead you to your goal.

Learn to really make a difference in people's lives!


Abundance is not based on how hard you work or how much education you have. If it was there would not be uneducated millionaires in the world. Neither would there be people living in the tropics earning millions while working only a few minutes a day.

Your abundance is based on the energy you put out and your energy is based on what you think. You must have control over what you think including your emotions if you are to have control of your abundance. This program will teach you how to do that.

Do you want to attract more love or a better relationship into your life?
If you do then you need to be able to have the right emotions and to live in the pleasure paradigm. This program will show you the secrets of creating the energy and mind set that will empower your love life and relationships now and into the future.
Most people these days are overweight and a lot of us have bad habits, even phobic reactions to situations or events. This program will show you how to leave all of that behind forever. If you want to lose weight the problem is not your eating, its the body you are manifesting moment to moment and when you learn to change the energy and the way you feel, your weight will change.

You Get Six Different Ways
To Improve Peoples Lives!

Training in how to set up your own Consulting and
Training business helping people to prosper.
How to set up a complete Customer Relations and Customer Service business showing people how to get and keep customers who love buying from them.
How to create and run your own Self-Help Business doing what you love to do. Really making a difference in people's lives and being paid for it!
How to set up your own Profitable Seminar Company. Learn how you can take your message on the road and how to combine travel and helping others.
How to create a Promotion organization. You can even use the information you learn to create a marketing and training arm that supports your
other businesses.
Plus all the information you need to work with phobias, anxiety, problem behaviours in others as well as how to turn on your own business and personal success!


Order now by clicking below!

This program is limited! I don't know when I will be upgrading it and taking this program off the market.

If you order now you can have the full video training and manuals for only $169.

This price won't stay this low for long!

Order Now and get the bonus of the best selling book and a secret bonus that you can use to enhance your life in a way you never imagined!

"The Magic of Pleasure"

This book will teach you how to Manifest using the principles of Emotional Manifestation

and will explain for you in detail why you have created the things you have in your life

and exactly what you need to do about it.

Order now and get the bonus gift (A Secret until you order) and the book

"The Magic of Pleasure"



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