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Watch Justis Chase, the Home Business Whisperer as he addresses a group on his three "S" techniques for starting small businesses without the need of large investments.

During the video Justis will talk about the three "S's" of business; structure, self-sufficiency and scale-ablity
and how using them you can turn any idea or home based business into a thriving and supportive opportunity.

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In this video Justis explains the three "S's" to create businesses and talks about the two deadly myths that stop most people from starting successful businesses.

If you would like to have a business that works for you rather than the other way around you need to talk to me.

Enjoy the movie. It is 38 minutes long.

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A bit about Justis and his methods:

Starting his first business at 16 Justis quickly learned that conventional business start-ups and marketing methods fail most of the time and that if he was to create a successful home business he had to do something radically different.

Experimenting using his own money he was able to create a new way of doing business that enabled him to turn a $500 investment into a $350,000 business in less than a year. He then went on to teach others his techniques; people who were able to turn kitchen table businesses started for a few dollars into ongoing money making businesses that could be as large or as small as the owner wanted.


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